Monday, December 22, 2008

More pictures!!

Bella is doing really good and sleeping pretty good. You forget how much they sleep and how hard it is to wake them up to eat! I just forgot all of that, but oh how I have been reminded! Bella seems like she is a content baby so far so hopefully that will not change much! It has been a sweet time just having her hear this time of year! What a precious gift from God! Matt and I feel so blessed to be the parents of 2 beautiful and sweet little girls!!

Aweet big sis! She has just been amazing and is so sweet and precious!!
AND, very silly!!
It is amazing how big Alyssa seems to me now! She is such a big girl and it makes me so sad!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pictures as promised!!

Our Beautiful Bella Grace! 7lbs. 8 oz. 20 inches
Born at 1:05 pm
December 17, 2008

This picture was right after she had her first bath! Alyssa picked out her red bow!!

Me and my 2 little girls! Alyssa was not sure what to think at this point!!

She looks sooo much like alyssa did! She also looks like a little chunk, and she really isn't!!

We had a good night last night with Bella and Alyssa. Alyssa loves "her baby" and had done extremely well adjusting. We had just prayed that she would be prepared and love her little sister, and she does! God took care of that whole situation! It is wild having 2 around here. Especially at dinner time!! It has been a very relaxing day for us and we are praying for another good night tonight!

Friday, December 19, 2008

We are Home!

We are home from the hospital with little Bella Grace and Alyssa is on her way here now! It was such a great experience and we are all doing well. I will post more details later tonight, but I have to get to a feeding appointment!!!

She was 7lbs 8 oz. What a whopper. She is now 7lbs even and just the most beautiful little girl. She is doing great and we are just loving her addition!

Pictures coming tonight...stay tuned!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Over crowded...

Due to the Hospital being over crowded, we are being induced on Wednesday morning instead of Tomorrow. It feels good to have a date and a time. We will go in at 7am on Wednesday and get this show on the road. I will have Matt update the blog and let you all know when Bella Grace has made her arrival! I would appreciate your prayers during this time! We are getting excited and ready to see her and have her with us for the Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Timing is Everything...

So we are still waiting on little miss Bella Grace to make her grand entrance, but in the mean time, I have been sicker than a dog. Yep, 9 months pregnant and the stomach virus. So much fun don't ya think. I was up all night on Tuesday with that I thought was contraction and it turned out to be a stomach virus that is still trying to hang on and suck out every bit of energy that I have in my body! I have not been able to eat for the past 3 days so I am trying to keep enough fluids down to remain hydrated. That is hard for me because I am not one to drink during the day. I hardly ever have anything to drink throughout the day unless I am eating a meal and then sometimes I still don't have one. So, it has been a rough couple of days. I was just praying she wouldn't come in the midst of all that because there is no way I could have done it. Well, I guess I could have but would not have wanted to! I still feel really weak and tired and just lack the energy that feel I need to go through labor. I would really appreciate your prayers during this time. I could use an extra boost of energy and just to feel back to normal. Thanks you all! We will continue to keep you posted!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Any day...

We are packed and ready to head to the hospital at any time! We went to the Doctor today and everything that needs to happen for her to come has happened! Now we are just waiting on her!
If for some reason I have not had her on my own by Monday, my doctor said that he would induce on Tuesday! So we know the latest that she will be here is Tuesday Dec. 16th. We are getting excited and just ready! I would love to go on my own this time just to see if it is a different experience, but we will just have to see!
I am trusting the Lord and his perfect timing through all of this! I am really wanting to control this situation with Christmas and all the places that we need and want to be, but I know it is all in his hands and I am trusting in that!

Wish me luck! If anything happens, Matt or I one will update and let you all know!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We took Alyssa to the square on Friday night and she had a ball. She has been every year, but this year she was really excited to see the lights and really knew what was going on. It was so much fun for Matt and I to see her face light up as she walked around looking at everything in amazement! We are so blessed to have such a sweet hearted child! Here are a few pictures from our evening!

This first picture is Alyssa on the pony! She got right up there and rode that little thing and it was the cutest! She looked so big on that pony and it just made me so sad to see how grown up she is!

So we are working on her smile! She thinks this is the way she is supposed to smile! We have our work cut out for us!!

Alyssa and mommy waiting for our pizza at Tim's on the square! Yummy stuff!

This is her pretty smile she says! I must agree!!:)

She was just in amazement!
Hopefully my next post will be of a new little baby! We are keeping our fingers crossed!! Please say a prayer for us these next few days and weeks! I am nervous!!

Bella Grace...

We are waiting the arrival of Bella Grace. We can't believe that she is almost here. The dr. is saying any day! I have learned that does not mean much, but still remaining hopeful! I would love for her to come on her own, but I am also ok with an induction. I want to control this situation so badly with the Holidays, and plan her arrival to the day, but I am trusting the Lord and his perfect timing!

Alyssa is getting excited and has named all her babies Bella. She talks about her sister all the time and tells everyone about her. That makes me smile and helps me with the situation too. I find myself wanting to hang on to everything she does because I know it is no longer going to be just the 3 of us. Matt says I act like Alyssa is leaving, but I guess being home with her everyday makes it a little different. I know she is going to be a great big sister and I pray for her daily that she will adjust well!

As for now, this is all I really have! We did take Alyssa to the square this past weekend so I will have some pictures to post of that very soon! Maybe tonight! I am a pro at two posts in one day and then not another one for a year!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My little Ladybug!!

I am a little late on the Halloween post, but better late than never right? That is my motto these days. With the end of pregnancy nearing, I pretty much just get by!!! I am feeling great, just real tired and real ready to get this baby out!! I am not sure I am ready for two little ones, but I know the Lord will give me all the strength and grace that I need and that is what I am trusting in! I know that is all he really wants from us, but sometimes it is easier than others to trust in him! I know he will provide all that I need!

So, here are a few pictures of our precious little one!! She is quite a ball of energy and oh so much fun! Says anything and everything in the book and somethings we have never heard of!! BUT, that is what makes her so much fun and who she is!

Just hanging out on the lawn...

The outfit was not all done up, but it worked! Like I said earlier, I am just getting by!! :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

A day at the park!

Matt took off today at noon and met us at the park. Alyssa loves going to the park and she especially loves to swing at the park. We were able to get a few good shots of her while she was watching a squirrel run around and play. Nothing professional, but hey they will work for the time being!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yummy Recipe...

I am not one to usually post a recipe, but I have an awesome recipe for Loaded Baked Potato Soup! It is so good and is great this time of year. I just thought I would share it with anyone interested! I love getting new recipes so I thought you all might like it too. It is super easy and a big crowd pleaser!!

Loaded Baked Potato Soup

6 lg. potatoes, diced,boiled and drained
1/2 gallon of milk
1-3 cups of shredded cheese (I usually just use one bag of pre-shredded cheese)
1 bag of real bacon bits (3oz bag)
1 bundle of chopped green onions (your preference on how many bundles)
1 stick of butter
1/2 c. flour

Melt your butter and add the flour slowly. Whisk together and add milk slowly to make a roux. Add potatoes and cover the potatoes with milk. Add 1/2 the cheese, bacon bits, and 1/2 the green onions. Add milk to fill the sauce pan to a desired consistency. Serve with cheese, bacon bits, and green onions.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful soup. It might sound difficult, but don't let the word 'Roux" scare you!! There's nothing to it!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Silly Goose!!

Our little love bug! She is just so sweet!!

WOW!! Can you believe it? Two posts in one day! I am so impressed with myself. I guess that will somewhat make up for the lack of posting lately! But hey, I did give my blog a face lift so that is another point too!

We are just loving the beautiful fall temperatures that we have had lately. Alyssa loves being outside doing just about anything. Today I bribed her that if she would let me take some pictures she could go outside!!!:) It worked! They aren't anything professional, but hey they will work for now!

She is getting so big and just so much fun right now! God has truly blessed us with her and we could not ask for anything more!

Here are a few pictures of her this afternoon before nap time!!

Alyssa LOVES her swing! That was the best 20.00 that we have ever spent on her! She would live in that thing if we let her!!
She also loves suckers!!!
She is too silly!!!
But I guess I can't deny where she gets it!!

Finally...Bella's Room

What you see as you enter the room!

First of all, please keep in mind this is not a finished project. I still have to have the canvas over her crib painted and hang some more accent pieces throughout the room, but this will at least give you an idea of what the room is looking like!

Please excuse the vacuum cleaner that is in a few of the pictures!!Her crib and bedding! I just loved this bedding from the first time that I saw it! You really can't tell, but there is lots of turquoise in it!! That is why some of the accent pieces are turquoise!
Just a little canvas that I painted and then framed. Nothing special, but I love having scripture in the house and the girls' rooms!
Our new recliner and rocker! I love this chair! I can't wait to rock Bella Grace in it!!
Bella's new Armoire and wardrobe!! I love this thing!!
I will hopefully have a finished product in the next 2 weeks so keep posted!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Alyssa Lauren...

I can't post pictures of Bella Grace without posting a picture of Alyssa. This was Saturday at an engagement party. One of our friends took this picture and just sent it to us! She is just so much fun and so beautiful to us in many ways!!

Bella Grace...

Today we had our 4D ultrasound and we got some great pictures of Bella Grace. She looks so much like Alyssa's 4D pictures! I can't wait till she gets here! Technology is amazing and God is even more amazing and real to me when I see things like this! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hard at work...

We have been hard at work trying to get the nursery ready for Bella Grace. Yes I know we have plenty of time, but I just want to get it done and finished before I am too big to want to do it! It is looking sooo cute. Her colors are turquoise, choc. brown, and a mint/lime green. It is just adorable. I will have pictures to post really soon. Hopefully in the next few days we will be completely done! YAY! Mission almost accomplished!!

On another note, Alyssa is a little stinker! She is just so stinkin funny sometimes. Though, not taking naps during naptime is not real funny to mommy who needs her naps!
Yesterday was probably my tiredest day of all and what day did she decide not to nap? YESTERDAY!!! She layed in her bed (some) and talked and played, and the rest of the time was sneaking in her closet to get into all her bags. I came in the room and it was a disaster! SHe had bags everywhere and stuff everywhere. The first words out of her mouth were. "Mommy I didn't find a binky!" I was like oh really...since you have not had a binky in months...WHO KNOWS!! Needless to say little miss giggle box did not fall asleep. I guess I should not complain too much, she at least stays in her bed or room for a couple hours and "rests."
Oh the JOYS!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Big Girl Bed...

Last weekend Alyssa went to nana and papa's while Matt and I got Alyssa's room ready for the big girl bed! It was a busy weekend to say the least. First we painted her bed, and then we got all the bedding put on the new bed so that when she came home from Church on Sunday she would have a big surprise. We also, moved some furniture out and got rid of many clothes that did not fit anymore! (...Tear) She ended up with 3 of the 5 drawers in her chest empty and ready for fall clothes!

We brought her home and she was so excited! She took her Sunday afternoon nap in her bed and did great! So far she has not come out of her room and I am praying she never figures out how to. I still have to get her up in the mornings!! YAY!!

We have a few pictures of her and her big girl bed and she looks so tiny!!!

Next project is getting the nursery ready for baby sister!!
This is how we often find her sleeping...sideways! She doesn't know what to do with all the extra room!
Please excuse the blue pillow! She made that at VBS and has to sleep with it!!!
Sound asleep....
She was SOOO excited! She loved her new bed!

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Pictures...

Here are a few new pictures of Alyssa. I know she does not have much of any clothing on, but this is the best we could get. Clothes or no clothes, we still think she's pretty stinkin cute! She was in our room singing "Father Abraham" and was mommy really tearing up! It was too sweet and almost more than I could handle! But, I was able to snap a few shots before she got the camera!!

My spelling...

Please excuse my spelling and lack of proofreading on my previous post. I just realized I put FRIST day of school. What a goober!

Frist Day of School...

Well Alyssa started her first day of preschool today. She woke up not thrilled with the fact that she was going to school, but she ended up having a great time and a wonderful day. She is the only girl with 6 little boys so that should be interesting! I am praying she does not come home talking about any boyfriends anytime soon! Or really, EVER!! She informed me today that she did not want to go and play with her friends at school, but that obviously changed once she noticed there were no little girls in there! She was the QUEEN!!
I will have some pictures to post soon!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Laughing till it hurts...

Oh my goodness. The things your children do! I think this tops them all! Alyssa cames in tonight and said she wanted to go swimming, and I told her it was raining so we would have to wait. Next thing I know she comes in with her swimsuit on...Well, somewhat! Get ready for some laughter! I was laughing so hard i could not breathe and tears were coming down my face!! I managed to get the camera and capture these shots!!!!

By the way, Please excuse my child's hair! We really do clean her up and put clothes on her!! I promise!

It's Official...

I can now say it is official..Alyssa is potty trained. She has done great and now goes everywhere in panties!! It is just soo cute and makes her seem sooo big! I am so proud of her! She has been in panties for a while with no accidents but I wanted to give it a few more weeks before I made it official! YAY for Alyssa and YAY for no more pull-ups! This is a huge praise with another one on the way! I am so grateful!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby # 2...

We went to the Dr. today and found out that Baby # 2 is a girl! We are still throwing around names, but we are aiming towards " Bella Grace." I have always loved the name and Matt did not like it at all for Alyssa but loves it this time around! Weird!?!?!
I was so sure that this one was a boy. I had a name all ready "Christian Matthew" and the room done up in my head. This just shows that God is in control of every situation!
We could not be more excited. I am looking forward to raising 2 little girls. I always wanted a sister and I am so excited Alyssa will be able to share that bond with her sister! Matt is very excited for another little girl! I think he was pulling for a girl the whole time!! So sweet! He is way out numbered now!! YAY!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Heat of the Summer, St. Louis, 5 months pregnant, and organizing!!

This has been a busy yet wodnerful summer so far. The heat is almost more than I can handle at this point and I feel a slight bit of suffocation everytime I step outside. It is amazing how children apparently don't feel that at all. Alyssa would play outside all day long if I would. I would just die! She loves to be outdoors which I am very thankful for (in the fall and spring).

Matt and I had a great time in St. louis. We went to a John Mayer concert and a couple of Cardinal games and we shopped and ate a lot! It was a great long weekend for us and we look forward to taking another trip soon! We are heading to Dallas at the end of August to shop and visit some friends. We are taking advantage of only having one child until December. Though we are looking forward to baby number 2 coming along, we know it will be more difficult to do these things with multiple children!
Have no idea how to rotate the picture! Sorry! ANy help??

I will be finding out in a week what we are having! We can't wait! I have a feeling it is a boy, but you just never know! I can't believe I am already in my 5th month! I will post some pictures of the belly soon!!! It is growing!

Alyssa is with her grandparents for a few day and Matt is working on a retaining wall for some landscaping and I am working on some organzing! It is amazing the stuff you accumulate. We have an extra bedroom in this house but we are still out of room! How is that possible? It apparently is! I am hoping to get the middle bedroom(toy room) closet organized tonight with labeled storage bins for all my crafting stuff! That will be so helpful.

Well I have rambled on long enough! I am just glad I had something to talk about!

Have a great week!