Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Weekend....

I know, I am a little behind on the postings. Ok, well a lot behind. It has been a wild couple of months at the Ward house. We have been so busy and Matt and I have passed strep and the stomach virus back and forth the last month. The girls have not been sick so that is blessing but mommy and daddy sure have been!

We had a great Easter weekend! Saturday we had a Preschool egg hunt at the church. They had pony rides, jump arounds, the egg hunt and chick-fil-a. Alyssa had a great time.

Sunday as you know was cruddy weather! We were lucky to get any pictures. We didn't get any good pictures of Bella Grace. We did manage to get a few of alyssa, though! They turned out cute and it just shows me how big she is! Where did time go?!?!

Bella is just as cute as ever and such a loving, happy baby! She loves to be looked at and talked to and she will smile all day long! She sleeps great and eats great! She is just GREAT! What a blessing God has given Matt and I. Two beautiful baby girls!

HOpe you all have a blessed weekend!!