Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Road Trip With The Girls!!

I am so proud of these 2!

We just got back from a wonderful family vacation. We went to Pensacola, Fl this past week and had a great time. We could not decide what time we wanted to leave with the girls and ended up leaving at 11:00 pm on Thursday night. We put the girls to bed at their normal time and got them out of their beds and put them in their car seats. This was by far the best way to travel with little ones. They slept all night and did not wake up till we had about 45 minutes left of the trip. It only took us 10 hours to get to Pensacola. There was no traffic driving through the night and you could push the limit just a tad!! :)

We went with a huge group. It was my mom, step-dad, his kids and their significant others, my brother and his wife and their little girl and her friend, and another family that are long time friends of my step-dad. It was a great group and we had a great, relaxing trip. Ate some great food and had a wonderful time!

While we were there, Alyssa started officially swimming all by herself. No floaties or anything. She is like a little fish. LOVES the water and always has. She jumps off the diving board, the side, wherever and just swims all over the place. Under water, on top of water...you name it! We are so proud of her! She is so proud of herself. You ask her what she learned on vacation and she gets so excited and says, "I swim with NOOOOOO floaties!" She is so dramatic!!
She is growing up way too fast but we could not be more excited for her that she can now swim by herself!!

Here are a few pictures from the week!

What a stinker!

Daddy and his little girl!

I love this man!

We ARE one goofy family!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Lord's Amazing Blessings...

We have always known the Lord is good to those that love him. He has shown himself faithful to our family, time and time again. So last week we noticed that our front tire on the Tahoe was really worn on the inside. The rest of the tire looked brand new (well, they are) but the inside of the tire was really worn. Matt decided he was going to take it to the dealership where we purchased the tires to see what was going on. They took a look at the tire and other tires and noticed the wear on all 4 tires. We had only had the tires a year so there should be no problems, right? The person that we have been paying to rotate and balance the tires had not been doing their job so right then and there we had to replace all 4 tires. As you all know tires are not cheap. Especially on a SUV. But the Lord allowed us to get the tires and we felt blesses that we noticed this before we left and now our car is ready to go on our trip!

WELL, at least we thought so! So Sunday I am heading out after church to make my weekely wal-mart run and I start up the tahoe and head down the driveway. I notcie the car is not wanting to go. Matt took it for a drive and he said it felt like the transmission was messing up. So he took it in on Monday to get it looked at. He ended up having them do a few other things to the car to get it ready for our trip. When Matt came back to pict up the car the service manager said, "You're taken care of!" He handed matt the bill that was 1200.00 but said he did not owe a dime. We were just overwhelmed! That is a lot of money for someone to just "take care of" for us. No one, but the Lord, knew we had taken our car to the dealership to get worked on. We felt so blessed that the Lord would choose us to bless in that way! It was a huge blessing for us and a major relief to not have to pay 1200.00.

The Lord paid our debt on the cross and he chooses to pay our debt throughout life too. He has blessed us in so many ways, but this one was the most recent and I could not help but share it! Trust in the Lord and he will always provide in one way or another to those that love and serve him!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Aren't they precious?!?!

Here are a few pictures of the girls! Bella is now 6 1/2 months and crawling all over the place. Alyssa is 3! Wow where did time go?