Monday, May 12, 2008

Lacking Lately...

Yes, it is me. I am updating! I am sorry to all that have been on me about updating! IT has been a little too long! I am fully aware of that! Sorry again!

There has been so much going on here at the Ward house. A almost 2 year old, which can possible be enough of a reason that i have been busy. Matt has been working on our landscaping. He has finished the beds. It was a 3 weekend project and he finished on Mother's Day. What a fabulous gift! My uncle is a landscape architect and he drew us up some beautiful plans and Matt followed that and it looks wonderful. I will post some pictures soon. Matt is also making some cedar shutters for a few of our windows on the front of the house and I can't wait for those to bed done.

Alyssa is just getting so big and just amazing! I never imagined she could be any sweeter, funnier, smarter, and just down right adorable, but she is EVERYDAY!!! She really is. She just says the funniest things and is just such a joy to be around. I can't even believe she will be 2 next month! YIKES!! Time has really flown by!

On another note, we are leaving on Sunday for Grand Cayman for a week and I can't hardly wait! We are all in need of a vacation and the beach is the best place for that. The Caymans are just so relaxing and peaceful and I can't wait to soak up some sun. I am in desperate need of a TAN!!!
We are flying with Alyssa and this will be a first so please say a prayer for us this Sunday morning! I am sure she will be fine. I have bought her all kinds of fun things that she will not see till we get on the plane! I am hoping all we see are her eyelids! But, I can't always get what I want, right?!?!

I had a great mothers day! Matt and Alyssa got me 4 huge hanging plants for my back porch and they are Beautiful! I have always wanted some hanging plants but never had a place for them and this house has a huge back porch so I have so much room and they are just gorgeous!

Well, as soon as I find my usb chord, I will post some pictures of all our projects going on! Until then...just be proud of my update! I AM!!!