Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Call

You can make many plans, but the Lord's purpose will prevail.  Proverbs 19:21

God has used this verse over the past couple of years to walk us through this life.  Let me just say, we have made many a plans..:)  That's kind of who we are.  What we love to do.  Sit back and plan.  Think about the future.  Dream and hope.  There is nothing wrong with dreaming and coming up with goals for you life. The problem occurs when we value our plans and our dreams and our wants and desires over the Lords will for our life.  The end result will be disappointment.  Every. Single. Time.

Our plan:
To sell our house and move to Lavaca.  Build our forever home and settle our little family in the small town comforts of Lavaca, AR.  Serve God to the best of our ability at FBC Lavaca where Matt grew up and the place that has been my church home for the past 12 years.  

God's plan:
Us staying in Alma.  Our house not selling.  Bringing us to a place of contentment so that we could see beyond our plan and our desire in order to see His Greater plan.
Calling Matt to Kibler Baptist Church to serve on Staff at a position God gifted him in for a purpose.  His purpose.  

As we have watched The Lord work over the past several months, at times it wasn't easy.  I  wish I could say we always understood God's plan and we never doubted what He was doing.  That's not the case.  There were times that we were often confused.  We were anxious.  We were frustrated.  "Our" plan was not unfolding like we thought it would.  "God, you know our desire to be in Lavaca is to serve you better!"  But every time those thoughts crept in...or those words spilled out...God spoke.  It was clear.  Crystal clear.  
He cleared the chaos out of our minds so we could hear from Him.  
I have called you to serve me here.  In Alma, AR.  Where I placed you 6 years ago and where I have kept you. My plan is and has been right in front of you all along.  

We can look back and see how obvious God has been throughout the past several years, and specifically the last year.  We were able to see glimpse's of His plan- but only as our walls of desire began to fall.  
We often allow our plan to fog over the reality of his clear plan.

Our plans could have never dreamed up a calling so great on our lives and for our family.  We feel so incredibly honored and humbled that the Lord would choose to use Matt to serve along side Eric at KBC as he leads  His church and His amazing people.   

All along, we have wanted nothing more than the Lord's will.  Even in our days of planning out our future, we  always claimed James 4:15 Instead, you ought to say, "If the Lord wills, we will love and do this or that."

So incredibly thankful His ways are not always ours and His timing is not always ours.
Amazed that the Lord never gives up on me and doesn't allow me to settle for something far less that what he has for my life and for our family.  

A week of fun!

You might be in Branson see lots of little Elves traveling together on a tour bus!  Oh the site!!:)
They were having a grand ol time!  
You can't possibly go to Branson without a stop at this place.  It is just not an option!
uh hum...yes please!!
Oh and yes, I'll have some of that too:)  

The red hat ladies paid us a visit too!:) 
Breakfast of Champions right there.  I DID pair it with oatmeal covered with brown sugar and butter and pecans so I just pretended it was my toast! 
Saturday I got to spend the day with this sweetie pie! Love her to the moon and back and it just so happens she gets to join my family in January!  Oh Happy day!  We did a little wedding dress shopping.  She is going to be a beautiful bride!
Her beauty radiates from the inside out.  

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ward Weekend

Just a glimpse at our weekend!
The colors in NWA in the Fall are beyond beautiful.  I love when God shows of with his creation and this time of year is one of my favorite masterpieces!  He is so good and lavishes us with his love.

This football season has not been one I want to remember, but the memories made while watching the Hogs are always cherished.  I love my family and I love my or lose.  But...I am ready for a winning season!

My sweet momma!  Blessed by her!  Always.
I LOVE Panera.  Like could eat a bagel from there every. single. day.  The closest Panera to me is about 25 mins so I do not get to partake in their morning glory quite as often as I would like!  SO, I decided to try my hand at some homemade wheat bagels.  I must say, they were fabulous.  This is the recipe that I used.  I used a bread machine to make my dough and then just followed the rest of the directions.  I made: Cinnamon Sugar, cinnamon raisin, chocolate chip and honey oat.  The only thing I would change is to add some of the ingredients in with the dough so it is not just on top and it is inside the bagel as well. You know..just like Panera does!!:)  
Watch out Panera...I'm coming after your business!!:)
Sunday mornings are our favorite.  We woke up to fresh bagels and sweet kiddos.  A relaxing morning together before church.  
This face...melts our heart and brings much Joy in our lives.

Sweet Sisters before church.  Their bond is amazing and I pray the Lord will protect their friendship!  

He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.
Daniel 2:21