Monday, September 29, 2008

Alyssa Lauren...

I can't post pictures of Bella Grace without posting a picture of Alyssa. This was Saturday at an engagement party. One of our friends took this picture and just sent it to us! She is just so much fun and so beautiful to us in many ways!!

Bella Grace...

Today we had our 4D ultrasound and we got some great pictures of Bella Grace. She looks so much like Alyssa's 4D pictures! I can't wait till she gets here! Technology is amazing and God is even more amazing and real to me when I see things like this! Hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hard at work...

We have been hard at work trying to get the nursery ready for Bella Grace. Yes I know we have plenty of time, but I just want to get it done and finished before I am too big to want to do it! It is looking sooo cute. Her colors are turquoise, choc. brown, and a mint/lime green. It is just adorable. I will have pictures to post really soon. Hopefully in the next few days we will be completely done! YAY! Mission almost accomplished!!

On another note, Alyssa is a little stinker! She is just so stinkin funny sometimes. Though, not taking naps during naptime is not real funny to mommy who needs her naps!
Yesterday was probably my tiredest day of all and what day did she decide not to nap? YESTERDAY!!! She layed in her bed (some) and talked and played, and the rest of the time was sneaking in her closet to get into all her bags. I came in the room and it was a disaster! SHe had bags everywhere and stuff everywhere. The first words out of her mouth were. "Mommy I didn't find a binky!" I was like oh really...since you have not had a binky in months...WHO KNOWS!! Needless to say little miss giggle box did not fall asleep. I guess I should not complain too much, she at least stays in her bed or room for a couple hours and "rests."
Oh the JOYS!