Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cheer debut for the Ward girls!

This Saturday the girls cheered in their very first game!   They have the sweetest team full of the most precious little girls and the sweetest Mommas. We feel so blessed!  It makes it even more special that the first team i cheered on is the same team they are on!!:)
 The girls had a blast and did such a great job!
  I think Alyssa might have found her sport!  She has tried several things, but cheering has been the most natural for her!  She loves it and I am looking forward to this year watching the two sweeties!!

I mean how cute is this??:). Go Jets!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Life captured through the lens.

I'm so thankful for cameras and their ability to capture a moment. This week has been full of fun!  I love the weekends even more once school is back in session. I just love making memories with friends and family!
Oh dear look at that face!  Poor Campbell. She has a lot ahead of her!  Lots of little Mommas just dying to get their hands on her!!  She is so sweet and just tolerates my girls so well! They absolutely love these two sweet girls. We are thankful for their family!
My little gang befow church last week.
Um seriously...When did she turn 12?

Oh you know just me and my man hanging. I love him. Time with him. Everything about him. He's a better husband and dad than I could have ever dreamed up!  

A mid week date. During the day. Strolling around. Eating of course. The best!
This girl was surprised this week at lunch. Her uncle Kane came and ate with her!  She couldn't believe it and it just made her day!  Thanks Kane!

A fun week so far and an exciting weekend ahead!  GO HOGS!:)

Blessed. Thankful. Overwhelmed.