Thursday, February 21, 2008

Writer's Block

Hello Everyone. I hear I have been a big dissapointment lately with my blogging entrees. I must say they have been lacking. I feel sort of like I have writer's block. I have sat down a few times to write and it seems nothing comes out. I feel like I have to have something big going on in order to write, but I am realizing I can write about anything and everything! So here I go!

Alyssa is getting soooo big. She is just talking up a storm and the sentences are just forming away. It really is amazing to see the everyday development of a child. She never seems to amaze me. I can't believe she will be two years old in four months. She is just growing up way too fast. I never knew parenting could be such a blessing. Oh was I wrong. Children really are a gift from god!

We recently re-did Alyssa's room. We painted it light pink and did some accent work with zebra and polka dots in the choc. brown and light pink. I think it is just precious! It turned out way better than I had anticipated. We wanted a verse going around the room and had a really hard time finding the right one. We have always felt the importance of scripture in the home. I don't feel there can ever be too much of God's promises in the home. It is protection and comfort! Just a great feeling knowing that as she sleeps and plays, God's word is surrounding her!

We ended up choosing Psalm 139:13-14. "You knitted me together in my mothers womb, & I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are you ways and that I know well."

Here are a few pictures from her room and the latest of her!