Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alyssa turns 2, 4 months pregnant, and 5 Year Annivesary...

Yes so many topics and so random, I know! I am a horrible blogger! I get on here and check everyone else's blog daily, but mine lacks in the updating category! I just never feel we have anything worthy of blogging going on, but I guess we do. I just enjoy the daily blogs and updates on families. It is just fun to read about SO, with that said, I am going to try to do better!

So, Alyssa just turned 2 on the 17th! WOW! My baby is 2. That is just so hard to imagine. It really does seem like yesterday she was born and just so small and quiet and precious. She is still precious, but never quiet. She is a talker and does not meet a stranger! She is one funny kid! She definetly keeps us laughing all the time. She is a blessing to us and we could not imagine life without her!

In other news, we are expecting our second baby! I am in my 4th month and feeling great. I am ready to know what we are having and just praying for a healthy, happy baby! It is crazy to think there is going to be another child in the house, but we are looking forward to the craziness! It is crazy now, so why not add a lot more to it!!!! Well, it is happening so we better just get ready!! I am due in the middle of December! YAY!!

Matt and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this Saturday! I can't believe it has already been that long! Time really does fly! Where has it all gone?!? We are going to dinner on Saturday, and then leave Thursday for St. Louis for 4 nights! We are going to a john mayer concert and a couple of cardinal games so we are looking forward to the getaway! We were thinking beach, but I was just a little worried that I would be so hot and I am glad that we decided on St. Louis it is going to be so much fun and a great getaway!
I will post some pictures of Alyssa and our trip as soon as we get back!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More pictures from our trip...

The day we are leaving...

Alyssa playing at the playground...
Matt and I on the fabulous beach!

Grand Cayman

We had such a great trip to Grand Cayman. It is always just a very relaxing trip for us. This was the first year that we have taken Alyssa and she had a blast. Flying was a BIG hit. She loved it. I was a little nervous cause you just never know how they are going to react to the airplane and flying, but she was such a trooper. She sat by the window and looked out and yelled, "We're flying...WHEE WHEE!" It was so funny!

Our Schedule was pretty much the same all week while in the Caymans. I did NOTHING!! MAtt scuba dives everyday and then goes on a night dive once while we are there and I pretty much lay by the pool and on the beach and sun bathe. Alyssa was taken care of almost all day by her papa. He wanted nothing more than to watch her. So, we would go to the pool "fwimmin" every morning and then she would take her LONG afternoon nap and then go back to the pool right before dinner. She is a fish in the water. She loves it!

It was a great trip for us. One we look forward to almost every year!

Here are a few pictures from our fabulous trip to paradise!