Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bella and Mommy...

Here are Bella's newborn pictures. We did them with Amber at lanning photography and she wonderful! She has done all our pictures and does a great job!

Here is the link. The password is bella.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Get your foot out of her mouth...

So I must say I have been a little out of the loop lately! I have kept up with everyone else's blogs, but have done nothing on my own! I just have felt like there was bot much going on here that was very interesting...until now!

So the other day I am getting ready and have Bella lying on the bed. I keep looking in to make sure Alyssa has not gotten up in the bed and decided to roll her over several times till she is almost off the bed, or possibly even picked her up and carried her off (yes both of these things have happened...more than once). I hear "Big Sis" getting up on the bed, she is talking to Bella and Bella is smiling so sweet! She is just looking at Alyssa and taking in all she has to say. So, I decide all is well. I peek my head around the corner again and see Alyssa's foot in Bella's mouth and Bella is going to town on Alyssa's big toe! This is normal right? ok, I thought so!

The things that you thought you would never say! "Alyssa, get your foot out of Bella's mouth!"

Oh the joys of parenthood. I do have a couple reall precious little girls, though! Here is proof!!