Thursday, August 20, 2009

Time's a tickin...

So Alyssa is 3 and started her first day of preschool today! She has been in a mother's day out and somewhat of a preschool last year, but she is officially in preschool now!! We started a new school this year and Alyssa loves it. She was so excited to go to her "New School" until we pulled in the parking lot! They have you drive through a line and they very nicely take your children out of their carseat and bring them to the gym for welcome time. To her benefit, she did not know the lady that came to the car nor did she want to know the lady that came to the car! She proceeded to scream and cry and throw a terrible fit until 2...yep...2 other sweet ladies had to come out and drag her off! So, in the pouring rain I left her this wonderful, first day of preschool!

I left feeling bad for her and feeling mad at her that she did that to me. I was so embarrassed. There was a long line of other moms dropping off their precious, and oh so excited children and the last thing I wanted to do was hold up the line cause "MY child" did not want to cooperate and act human like!! BUT, I forgave her shortly and missed her so much. I was soooo ready to pick her up today. She came to the car and immediately said, "Mom I need a lunch box!" "I need to stay and eat lunch with all my freinds and they eat their lunch in a lunch box!" I said, "did you have fun?" She said "Yes!" "Can I go back next time and always stay for lunch bunch?" I knew she would love it!! She also told me she DID NOT cry when I dropped her off and in fact she had no idea what I was talking about! Hmm....

So here is my little stinker on her frist day of school!! (I know it is not winter time! She wanted to wear the whole suit...jacket and all. Plus, it was raining!)

Right when she woke up. Getting ready for breakfast.

Such a stinker!! Loves to be silly:)


Yep...that's me! Terrible at blogging! Man I feel like I have missed out on so many good blogging opportunities lately. Usually I feel as if I have nothing interesting enough to blog about. No one really wants to know what we did today....I mean, do they? You know I have decided as boring as we may sound, I want to take note of everything we do as a family and everything, little or small, that the girls are doing or saying! Alyssa is one funny kid and I never want to forget her humor and the things she says that just make me belly laugh!! So, I have decided my new goal is to blog 2 times a week! I know that does not seem like much, but after realizing it has been over a month since my last post I think this is a GOAL for me!! I get so busy and too much time passes by and I know everyone misses hearing from me!!'s to blogging more!

Stay tuned! I think I am going to post again today!!! Let's see if that actually happens:)