Monday, January 20, 2014

A busy week

These past few weeks have been crazy busy. I feel like I write that in every blog, so maybe I should just say life is crazy busy.  It is.  It is such a good busy, but a busy life can lead to a lot of laundry.  Just saying...I bet busy people have a lot of laundry piling high in their laundry room and possibly it covers the floor too.   That would be really bad. Sigh...

So while my laundry machine is washing and my dryer is drying, I thought I would update this nifty little blog of mine with some of my favorite little girls.

On Monday's Alyssa and I often get the opportunity to go out for dinner just her and I.  We LOVE this time and this week was no different.  A girl after my own heart.  Rolls. I love all things carb related.

Bella Boo is now 5 (not possible) and she is just so funny.  She is always ready for school and seriously wakes up the same every single day.  Happy and ready for breakfast.  I love her priorities:)

Bella decided Lola girl needed to come with us one day this week and I looked in the backseat and she was reading to her.  A girl and her dog.  These girls love their Lola Lou.

Sweet sisters before church yesterday.  They really can get a long and when they do it sure is blissful.  Nothing hurts my heart more then when they fight and argue and are just mean to each other.  

Matt and I always pray for our girls, of course, but I have been so burdened lately to pray much more specifics over their lives. They both have different needs and different struggles so we set them down and asked what areas of their life they needed help or guidance in. It was so neat to hear their hearts and see how the Lord is working in their lives.

Always thankful for each day, but some weeks are just extra sweet and this was one of those.  

Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of evil behavior. Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.  Ephesians 4:31-32

Sunday, January 12, 2014


I know I am about two weeks behind the whole craze of posting resolutions/goals.  But, quite frankly...that's just how I roll with things.  I am ok with that.  :) 

I have thought about this year and what I want my life to look like, and who I want to be coming out of this year.  I have spent a lot of time in prayer the past couple of weeks, just for guidance in some personal decisions we were making, but one thing I have said...and felt in my heart over and over is the word Radiate.  Through prayer I have prayed many times that I want to "Radiate you, Lord."  I want our girls lives to "Radiate you."  I want my marriage and the way I carry myself to "Radiate you" daily. 

I googled the word radiate and this is what I came up with.  Radiate: diverge or spread. give off. fan out. spread out. branch out or extend.  To have parts proceeding out from a center.

I want my life to spread, and give off, and fan out, and extend His goodness from the center of me so that ever angle of my life reflects Jesus. Radiate.  That's what I want my life to mean this year.  That's what I want others to see in me this Lord and only you.  If I am truly reflecting Christ, my life can't help but be radiant. 

So as we move in to 2014 (two weeks later) I have a passion to rest in him.  To seek Him in everything.  If I see Him in everything I will seek him in everything.  If I look for Him in everything I will find Him in everything.  

 "You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you."

A long break.

The girls have had A LOT of extra time at home the past month and a half.  It has brought so much fun and a little extra drama.  Let's be real.  Both girls were out for almost a week just a couple of weeks before school got out.  Then we had Christmas break that lasted about 3 weeks.  Then the day after they went back to school this week, we got a crazy ice storm that left them out of school the rest of the week.  Whew...this momma has some laundry to do...who does that stuff during a break anyway?:)

I realize I am way behind on posting pictures from the break, but better late than ever right?

The girls with their Papa Carl.  They sure do love this man and he adores them!

On our way to Christmas with my Mom and Mike.  Nana Terri and Papa Mike.  We had a blast as always.  
Daddy reading the Christmas Story to the girls Christmas morning.
The love birds...Michael and Kaylie and their first Christmas together at dads.  We sure do love this girl and are looking forward to many years of memories!
We left the day after Christmas and took the girls to Branson.  It was their Christmas gift from us.  Let me just say we had a blast.  The best thing we have ever done.  Our girls need nothing and we all enjoyed being together much more than any gift we could have ever given them.
Sweet sisters at Chateau on the Lake.
Silver Dollar City is one of our favorites.  Having season passes has more than paid for itself!  Such a blessing.
These two road Thunderation for the first time and did sooo good.  Matt and I were so excited.  We are roller coaster junkies and this just made our lives complete.  It's the little things.:)
I love this man with everything in me.  
My sweet Alyssa.  

Such a fun break full of memories. We are so thankful to be back and school and the countdown is on to the end of the school year!  Bring on Sweet Summertime!!