Friday, September 25, 2009

Bakerella Friday!

So, I love fall for many reasons, but I really love fall because it gives me a reason to bake up some real goodness! So, this week a friend of mine emailed me the link to Bakerella. Thanks you, Chrissy! So Bakerella is my new best friend. I saw this delicious dessert on her website and it looked fabulous from the first look! So I decided on this wonderful and sunny Friday I would make it. For some reason, Fall, and days like today remind me of living in Fayetteville. We know we are supposed to be here in Alma, but we sure do miss the fall and winters in Northwest Arkansas. there is just nothing like them! So, back to Bakerella....she makes all sorts of fun and yummy desserts. So if you get a chance check her out!

So here is the deliciousness that I made today! Haven't tasted it yet, but I will let you know the goodness when it hits my mouth!

Friday, September 18, 2009


So I have decided to venture out and make up some adorable tutu's! I have wanted to do this for a long time and figured why not while I am in the creative mindset! I LOVE these adorable things. They are great for just about anything!

Here are some great ideas:

These are super cute for Halloween. They can be done in just about any color or color combination to suit your needs!

Wonderful for Razorback attire!

They make super cute pictures! I mean ADORABLE!!!

They are perfect for Christmas!

Lastly, they make great gifts for precious little girls!

I can do them in just about any color imaginable. You can mix up to 3 colors, or just have it solid!

All I will need from you is the size of the child. (Ex. baby, toddler, or child)

Tutu's are 15.00 And sooo worth it!!
Tutu and matching embroidered onesie 25.00

Just email me and let me know if you are interested and we will get to creating!!

Here is an example of a onesie! I LOVE how this turned out!!

****Remember, these do not have to just be designed in Razorback! I can don any sports team, or any name or initials!!****

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hog Apparel

Are you ready to "Call Those Hogs?" I love football season and absolutely love the Hogs! I looked online and in stores searching for the perfect shirt for the games and was left slightly dissapointed. I wanted something different, yet simple and did not want to pay what they were asking for some of these shirts! I love my hogs, but come on! So, I decided to create my own. It was so much fun making this shirt... AND I LOVE IT!! I have had several people loving them too so I am offering them to everyone!!

Here is what I have to offer:

You choose the font that you like, the color of font, the saying (such as Go Hogs, Razorbacks, or just Hogs), bling or no bling, the color of shirt(white, black), and the length(short sleeve or long sleeve). If you have a shirt that you would like to use, you can mail me your shirt, or for those of you that live closer, you can just give me a shirt that you want to use!

I can do all sizes from babies to adults. For children and babies, I like to add a little more spunk to them. I usually will add a funky ribbon and bow to accent the shirt!

The possiblitlies are endless so if there is something you are wanting I have a feeling I can create it!

The prices for short sleeve shirts are 15.00
Long sleeve shirts are 20.00
Infant onesies are 10.00-12.00 depending on detail
Childrens are 12.00

Thanks so much and if you are interested you can either message me on here or email me at

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bath time fun!

The girls love bath time. Alyssa asks at random times throughout the day if she can take a bath. She loves taking bath's with her sister, but really loves it when Bella gets out so she can have bubbles! I was so excited when Bella was able to take a bath in the tub without that silly little bathtub. Yet very necessary while they are infants, so exciting when you can toss that bulky thing and take a "real" bath.
I love how sweet and innocent the girls look after their baths. There is nothing like the combination of the sweet smell of shampoo and baby lotion on the girls. And, there is nothing as sweet as this!!
I love these two girls sooo much! They are growing way too fast for me to handle, but we are enjoying every second of them!