Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our LOVE story

In Haiti 2011
NYC 2010

I love a good love story. I am a hopeless romantic. I watch a love story movie or show and you can pretty much bet I am in my own little world just smiling away! I know I am cheesy but that's just how I am wired. I love surprises and anything romantic with Matt. I love to hear how people met and their story. So, in honor of the day of Love I am sharing our story!

Matt and I graduated High School with plans to attend College. He at Pratt Kansas playing baseball and me at UofA. I had signed a lease on an apartment with some girl friends from High School and all things were moving in the direction for me to head up the hill for school. At the very last minute, I knew without a doubt God was calling me to stay here (here being UAFS). I had no idea why, but I knew I just had to be obedient.
Unknown to me (because Matt and I knew nothing of each other), Matt also felt the Lord closing the door at Pratt and opening the door for him to walk through and attend UAFS playing baseball. This was not a good baseball decision. It made no sense to him, or anyone else around him. He knew if he went to Pratt he would more than likely go on to play D1 baseball at another larger school. It is just what Pratt was about. But, he listened to God and chose to stay here for school.:)

I am so glad he and I both chose to be still and listen because on that first day of school we walked in and saw each other for the first time. Oh glorious day. :) I could already hear the wedding bells. JK!
I could not take my eyes off him. Maybe it was due to the fact he could not stop turning around looking at me. But regardless, I knew nothing about this guy, but knew I needed to know all about it. I knew there had to be something different about him. I began stalking him. I am sort of kidding. I knew what he drove and I may or may not have followed him one day to see where he lived.
I was learning about him through friends that knew someone who knew him and I knew God was telling me something about him. BUT, at this point we still had NEVER even spoke. We made eye contact in class...a lot. But neither of us had the nerve to talk to the other.

He was a baseball player. Yep one of "those guys." Tight pants and all!!:) One of my friends and I were in town and saw the baseball field lights on. We knew we had to make a stop by the game. You know, cheer on our Lions. That's what good college students do, right? Well, unknown to me, Matt had told all the guys on the team I was there to watch him. haha.

About a week later, we saw each other at a volleyball game. I knew the UAFS baseball team worked the concession at the volleyball games so the same friend (haha, I drug her all over town stalking Matt) and I made our way to the game and shortly after arrival we headed to the concession. I needed a water. But as soon as I saw Matt was working I completely freaked out and handed my money to my friend and made her order for me. I could not talk to him. I was so nervous. He smiled at me and asked if I needed anything and I sweetly answered, "No, I'm just fine"...and those were our first words.:)

So, in October (school started in Aug.) I finally got up the nerve to give him my number. I knew he was a chicken and was not going to ask for mine, but with a few more things happening that week, I had a good idea he was very interested so I took a step outside of my comfort zone and waited for him outside one of his classes to talk to him. I was scared to death someone else was going to snatch up this gem of a man before I could so I could not wait a day longer. I told him "I don't normally do this, but I wanted to give you my number if you ever wanted to call." What I meant was, here is my number and you better call me tonight!!:)

He smiled. We stood there and talked for a minute, and then he walked me to my car. I am pretty sure I was smiling the whole time and sweating like a beast. HAHA! I jetted out of there and headed to the mall to purchase a cell phone charger. I had to go to work and I knew my phone would be dead by the end of the day and I was NOT missing his call... I knew he would call:)

He called me about 7 that night and I was driving home. We talked the whole time. It was raining like CRAZY so I was having to drive really slow. He wanted to make sure that I got home ok so he stayed on the phone till I got home. Then called me when i got inside. We talked till 2am. I knew so much about him and realized that night that I was going to marry him. He later said the same thing. :) This all took place on a Tuesday and we went on our first date Friday and out again Saturday night. I seriously had never felt anything like this before. He was such a gentleman. Such a sweetheart. A super fun guy. He played the drums on his steering wheel and sang to me and I thought that was the hottest thing ever. I still do. We absolutely fell hard. We knew immediately that we would never be apart and we would spend our lives together. If we would have met a few years later, we would have been married very quickly after meeting, but being so young, we knew we had to wait a little bit...but not too long!

Matt proposed to me in November (2002) the following year. Just 11 months after we had first really met. We were married in June of 2003.

I can honestly say we are so much more in love now than we were then, and no one could have convinced either of us that we could love each other any more than we did the day we were married. God has been so good in these almost 9 years of marriage. He brought together two people who love and enjoy the same things. We have the same passions. We can laugh together and cry together. We have walked through tough times and raced through great times. I am so thankful that Matt and I didn't miss God. He had us for each other all along.

It is so neat to think back to times we were at the same places in high school and never knew each other. God knew. He knew that when I was watching a baseball game that Matt played in against my High School that matt was my husband. He knew that a childhood birthday party we both attended that Matt and I would grow up and meet each other and fall madly in love.

And that we did. We still are. Today and Everyday. Forever. So thankful for another day with him. Another day to tell him I love him. Another day to laugh with him and cry with him. Another day to Serve the Lord together. I pray for many more years worth of another days.

Our Home (my favorite place) 2012
Mexico 2010

A favorite at our house.

As you can tell my hubby LOVES this meal!!:)

This meal is a must make if you like Chinese food at all. Even if you don't...you still need to make it. It's fairly simple to make. Especially if you pre-cut all your ingredients and measure your sauces ahead of time. It makes it much easier to throw together.

Matt could pretty much eat it every single night. I think I could too!!:)

Here are the recipes. You must make them both!

You can find the Mongolian Beef recipe HERE.

You can find the garlic noodle recipe HERE.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dream come true!

Well my wish came true! We got the snow I was hoping and praying for.:) My girls were up early ready to play outside. I got them dressed and Matt and I watched them from our room, while sipping our coffee. I know we sound so old!!:) They were so cute and just had the best time. They came in, sat by the fire, and drank hot chocolate. The girls are watching lion king with Matt and I am catching up on orders and starting soup for the crock pot! It is still coming down hard outside and we are just loving this day home as a family.

Here are a few pictures of the girls this morning!

For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him with a shield. Psalm 5: 12

Friday, February 10, 2012

Frigid Friday

Today has just been so stinkin cold! I know it's nothing compared to normal winter weather, but I must say I am a little spoiled to not having to wear a coat. BUT, I do love to be all bundled up at home, with the fire going, snow falling, and the smell of soup filling my house! I am really hopeful that we will have at least one of this kind of day this winter! :)

Today Bella and I went and had lunch with Alyssa at school. We surprised her and she was so cute when she saw us. Bella was a little on the wild side. Only because she thinks she is one of the big kids. At one point I was on the stage trying to get her to come down and sit at the guest table (where every other parent and their children were quietly seated). She felt the need to join the "star students" for a lunch date. I am sure they loved their company!:)

We came home and Bella decided she was not up for a nap today. This has happened twice in the past couple weeks. I am praying this does not become a pattern!!:)

We picked up Alyssa and came home and made homemade pizza. My favorite!!:) It was so good. I love homemade pizza and have always make my own crust. BUT, I decided to try out the crust that is in the canned biscuit section. It's a pillsbury crust and your just roll it out and go with it! SO VERY GOOD!! It was quite delish, super easy, and cooks very quick! it's a must try!!

Ok well I think I will finish out the day with a Valentine craft with my girlies. I am feeling like super mom today. I guess that makes up for leaving my child on the curb at her school this week. I may or may not have forgot school got out early. EEK! No biggie. She was just fine. She adapted to the situation like any survivalist would and pulled out her blanket to stay warm. Sure am glad she had her act together cause I sure didn't.:)
Yes I felt horrible!

Have a super good weekend! Hoping for some winter weather come Monday!!:)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I was looking back over my pictures from this past year and realized what a great year we have had. We have been blessed abundantly. But it is amazing how pictures will bring back so many memories and it just got me missing lots of things!!

I miss our dear friends Taylor and Meagan. We LOVE them. We get to see each other about 2 times a year but we always pick up right where we left off like there is no distance between us. I love how God brings people together and I love that God brought Meg and Tay together so we could be lifelong friends. Meg and I talk weekly via email, face time, or on the phone but I still miss her! I can't wait till we get together again!! Love you guys!

I miss these sweet faces and the country they belong to. I always will. There is not enough time to spend with these precious kiddos. I love them. I pray for them. I miss them, lots. They have changed me forever.

I miss Chelsea and Jonathon. They are in Tampa living life and working a lot! Matt and I are so proud of both of them. We wish we could see them more, but know that God has them where he wants them for now and we are thankful for that. There's No greater place to be than in the will of God. We can't wait till we get to see them again (annual girls trip)!!

Just got me thinking about and praying for all these people we love and adore.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quick trip...

Ok, so I am a little behind. Matt and I took a trip right after New Year's to Santa Fe, NM for a quick little skiing trip! We LOVE to ski. We LOVE the mountains and all their beauty. We LOVE to eat and Santa Fe has some killer eats. So pretty much we skied and ate the entire trip. It was a blast.

I would highly recommend Santa Fe for a quick snow skiing or boarding trip. It is a great place to ski. A beautiful mountain, and a super fun little town. There's lots to do and lots of history in that neat little town.

Look at that view!

Love my man!

Matt with my dad.

You formed the mountains by your power and armed yourself with mighty strength.

Psalm 65:6

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just some thoughts...

Today I have had lots going through this mind of mine. Sometimes that is a good thing...other times not so much!

A few things I never want to forget:

How Bella says "Mommy can we go to the fall festibal and get suckers in our bag and busy rolls in our bag"...EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT before she goes to sleep.

Bella also says woosles for scissors. Yeah not sure about that one, but for now it is the cutest thing ever and I am not correcting it!!:)

Today I told Bella we were going to have a fun day together and do lots of fun stuff like go get groceries..haha. She replied with "Can I go in the tree's too?" Love her!

That Alyssa told me last night, she would give up anything for Jesus...Even her Callie bear. :)

While asking her who her most favorite person in the world was (hoping she would say me, of course) she said, "Well take one guess Mommy. I'll give you a hint. He lives in Heaven" MELT.MY.HEART

I was getting Alyssa's school papers out of the car last week (since we think we have to clean out our folder IN the car) and found a sheet of paper that read: If I had 100 dollars I would....Alyssa filled it in with this...Would giv it to the kids in Hade.

It seriously makes me feel so blessed that she has a love for things outside of her own little world. Yes she is a child, but I am clinging to the word that says, "Train up a child in the ways of the Lord and when she is old, she will not depart from it."

I can't imagine the JOY the father receives when he see's His children walking in love. His love. We have all dreamed about what we would do if we had a certain amount of money, but I can assure you my dreams are not always for the benefit of others.
I am thankful for moments where my girls teach me about God's love and that life is about a whole lot more than my wants and desires. It's about a whole lot more than ME!