Friday, August 24, 2012

Bella Grace...

Thursday Bella started pre-k. She has gone to a MDO program for the past 2 years but now
She's officially in pre-k. :)

She loves school and loves all her friends.
She is obsessed with writing her name and all her letters. She loves to work puzzles and play with blocks.
She is so much fun and says the funniest things. I love to listen to her sweet little voice.

She is 33 pounds and is 3"3.

We are so proud of Bella and thank the Lord for her life.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We have an answer.

Ok, for all of you wandering what in the world is going on with Bella I will give you a quick run down!
About a month ago we noticed a large round bubble looking thing on the end of her tongue but on the underside of her tongue.  It looked like this.

We asked a couple of dentists in the family and they both said it looked like a clogged salivary gland. We watched it for a few weeks and it completely changed in shape, size, color and location.  Strange I know.  :)

We first thought a oral surgeon would be the one to remove it, but due to her age and the large amount of anesthesia that it would take, it just was not the safest route to take.  So, we were scheduled with a ENT in Russellville.  He looked at her and really was not sure what it was.  He felt due to the location of the mass, it was in our best interest to see a specialist at AR Children's Hospital.  Our appointment was scheduled for October 4th, but he felt this was something that needed quicker attention.  So, he made some calls for us and moved it to today!  

ACH is a humbling place.  You quickly become thankful for your minor situation in comparison to the vastly different place some families are in.  We came and we went.  Bella was happy and energetic the whole time we were there.  She colored and played games and looked forward to Chick-fil-a when we were finished. She ran around CFA like an excited 3 year old.  
As we sat near the registration desk, we saw the many people who were coming and going from ACH today.  I was reminded that life is but a vapor.  That my children are more important that the little things that take up too much of my time.  I watched as a mom cried because their insurance would not be paying for their child's life threatening neurological surgery.  I saw a mom and her teenage son walk hand in hand as he held his head up with a neck brace and a helmet due to a tragic wreck he was involved in.  I saw a couple that had a newborn baby that was needing brain surgery because of a skull that was not formed correctly.  A was reminded we serve a God who is sovereign and who can perform miracles.
I prayed for these families.  I hurt for these families.  As our daughter laughed and sang, and ate goldfish, I thanked God that she had a voice, and the ability to eat, that she had healthy legs to run and play.  

Bella has to have surgery in 2 weeks to remove the swollen gland.  The Dr. said he has never seen a gland so big.  They are usually 5-6mm enlarged and this one is at least 12mm.  So it will need to be removed.  They will surgically remove the gland and she should be able to go home that same day.  We are thankful for this report.  You never want your child to undergo surgery, and there are always risks involved, but we are filled with peace that she is held in the Father's hands.  I have said all along, she is His.  HE knows best.  We are blessed to care for her and to be her parents on this earth and we can't imagine a more spunky, precious little girl in our family.  :)

This has been an eye opening experience for us.  It has caused me to stop.  To do things I may not normally take the time to do because I get so caught up in things I need to take care of around the house...etc.   I held Bella tonight as she fell asleep.   I just looked at her, with tears in my eyes, and I Praised God for the gift that she is to us.  I never want to take the precious things in life for granted.    
Even on a bad day,  we have it so good and we are so incredibly blessed.  

Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart. (Colossians 4:2)

Monday, August 20, 2012

It was a success!!:)

Alyssa had a great first day of 1st grade! She loves her teacher and loves being a 1st grader. She had a blast and we are so thankful!

She said her favorite things were:
Reading time

Glad their was something educational thrown in there!!:)

Here are a couple
Pictures for our memory!!:)

We love you baby girl!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's that time again...

WOW!  Where did this summer go?  It has been a fun one that is for sure!  I am so thankful the Lord has allowed me to be home with our girls since birth.  It's something I do not take for granted and I thank him daily for the blessing.
I can't think of anything greater than being home with my babies, loving them and teaching them. Teaching them how to walk in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.  Teaching them how to love others and see others the way God see's them.  Showing them what it looks like to spend time with the Lord each morning.  I want them to SEE first hand the fruit of the Lord in the lives of Matt and I.  I  know I fail 1,000 times a day. You are created new every morning.  Great is your faithfulness (Lametations 3:22-24)

This past week I was sitting on the back porch with my coffee and my bible, and Alyssa came out to join me.  The girls know that I get them their breakfast, get my coffee, and head out on the porch. That's just our routine!:) Well Alyssa came out one day this week and said...

A: "Mommy why do you come out here every single morning to read your Bible and drink your coffee?"
Me: "Well Alyssa, mommy needs to start her day with Jesus because If don't, I tend to be less patient with you.  I might get upset with you and Bella more than I should.   Jesus likes to hear from his children, and he likes for us to spend time with Him.  Plus, how can I know Him if I don't ever talk to Him, or spend time learning about Him?"
A: "Your right mommy.  That makes a lot of sense.  I am your daughter and if you I never talked to you I wouldn't know anything about you.  I wouldn't know what made you happy, or what made you sad.  Even though I live in your house, that is not enough."
Me: "(Astounded by her analogy) yes you are right, sweetie!"
A: "Well mom, I'll go inside and keep Bella occupied while you finish up your time with Jesus!"

What a great reminder to me, that our children are watching our every move.  I pray that I have invested the best of my time with both our girls.  I don't want to miss a chance to teach them.  I want them both to walk in confidence.  Confidence that they are made with a purpose.  A purpose to live a life pleasing to the Lord.  Not conforming to the world, but to be different.  I don't want them to be normal or average.  As I read recently in Tim Tebows book, God created us for so much more than to just be average.

So as this school year approaches I have encouraged Alyssa to make every decision as if she is making it to please God.  I told her to be a good student and friend, to be a leader, to be an encourager, and to be a helper.  I told her God loves her and He is proud of the little girl that she is becoming.  She smiled and said, "I want to make Him proud."

I am looking forward to this school year.  I know it is going to be great!  We love Alyssa and Bella's teachers this year.  I  have prayed every year that the Lord would bring the girls the best teacher for them and we trust that He has done just that!

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. (1Timothy 4:12)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Terrific Thursday

Yep today was a fabulous day! Low key. At home. With my girls. Blessed!

We got up early and I loved it! We made breakfast (toast) together and ate on the back porch.

I had my quiet time while they played and then we began a overhaul on the playroom! They were a big help!! We have been in big time organization mode. It's been so fun!!

We played all afternoon and then made this yummy salad for dinner!!

Southwestern Chicken Salad.
So easy. So fresh. So good.

The girls practiced soccer tonight while Matt and I worked in the garage!
This girl and her style. Wow!!:). Uniquely made:)

With school starting next week I am looking for good breakfast ideas for the girls and this was a big hit!!

Before bed we whipped up these baked oatmeal in muffin cups. They are a very good, quick, and healthy breakfast or snack

Hope you made the best of your day! I am soaking In every second with these sweeties!!
Psalm 68:3
Le the Godly rejoice.  Let them be glad and filled with JOY.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A look at our week so far.

We are trying to pack in as much fun as we can this last week before school starts.
Is it just me or has summer flown by this year? We have had a blast this summer. Done so much fun stuff and spent a ton of time making sweet memories. I have no regrets with the way our summer has played out. :)

Here's a look at some things we have done this wk through good-o-iPhone-pics!:)

Lunch with this sweetie while the grandparents were squeezing in some last minute fun with our girlies!

Just a run with the man.  Training for a race in March.  My fav running partner:)

Quick pic after church!

Haha!  This girl decided she was ready to play ball.  We clearly have some work to do:)

A trip to the ENT today.  
This little girl was  a trooper.  So proud of her.  She will be having surgery on her tongue.  Prayers appreciated!!