Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend!

We had a great Memorial day weekend here at the Ward house!!! Saturday we got up and I started working on the inside of the house and Matt started on the outside. He put in a french drain by our back porch, cleaned off the back porch, power washed everything, and I cleaned the inside of the house. Then we ran to the nursery and got some stuff to plant in our big planters. The back porch now looks so pretty and clean!

Saturday night we went on a date and it was so great! I love getting to go out with Matt. We always have such a great time. I love my girls, but there is something about just spending time with the man you love! It just makes the week go better! I love you Matt! You are the greatest husband and daddy in the whole world. God has blessed me more than I could have ever imagined by placing you in my life! You are my best friend and words cannot express my love for you!!!
We followed the date with a high school graduation and after party! It was a great night!

Sunday we had church which is always great! I love having a place to worship the Lord. He deserves all the Glory and Praise!
We had all my family over for a cookout on Sunday afternoon. It was a great time. I miss getting to see them! Life gets so busy and we just let so much time pass before we see each other again, and that is just wrong!!:)

Then yesterday!! We woke up and headed to Tulsa for the day. We took the girls to the zoo and they had a blast! We had never taken Alyssa to the zoo! I know, Horrible! But, she loved it and can't wait to go back again! We finished the day with a little Cheesecake Factory! That is always worth the drive to Tulsa! It was a great weekend!

I am tired, but it was so worth it!

Here are a few pictures from the Zoo!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So Alyssa is into posing! Quiet a little model I must say! I am pretty sure she is just what modeling agencies are looking for. I am waiting for the phone to ring any minute with an offer! :)

So out of no where the other day I said, "Alyssa smile at me so I can take your picture." She said, "Ok, Hips!" I was with my friend Chrissy and her little girl Maddie and chrissy and I looked at eachother like where did she learn that!! It was pretty funny. Something she does quiet often now! So, I will leave you with little miss Hips herself!!:)

Please excuse the garb she has on. There was no prompting here. None!!

look at that precious little face!! Please stop growing so fast!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

5k and Mother's Day

This was a busy weekend for us. I have been training for a 5k that took place this weekend. It was so much fun. A few girls from our small group class, and Jody (my sister-n-law) ran this race and it was such a great time. I can't wait to run another one in two weeks. I know it is just a little over 3 miles, but it is such a sense of accomplishment for me. To have trained for something and completed it feels awesome!

Yesterday was a great day! Went to church as usual, and then went out for a Mother's Day lunch with Matt and the sweetest girls ever! Alyssa is just so precious and hilarious, and Bella is just the happiest, sweetest baby I have ever known!!:) I am sure Alyssa was just as sweet, but now she can talk back;) I am so thankful for the blessing of two amazing little girls! God has truly blessed our family and there is no greater joy than to raise these little girls!!