Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring break fun.

Not sure why this is JUST now positing!:)

We started our SB week in Branson. It was so relaxing and just a blessing to get away with our girls and sweet friends. There was no one there and it was fabulous. 

These two dominated at go carts. They started in first and never let a car pass them. The competition was tight but they achieved the winner spot!:). So fun!!
These two and their daddy. Such a sweet bond. 

These four have a blast together. God has truly blessed their friendship more than we could have ever imagined. Their gender differences do not hinder their feed ship at all!:)

Had to post this yummy cheese bread I made with our pizza it was so good and so easy. 
Oh these girls. Alyssa looks way too old and Bella loves flashing the peace sign. ✌️ Not sure where that came from but there's hasn't been a pic lately she hasn't held up the deuces. 

The girls got to go to the houseboat for a few days with tier nana and papa and Alyssa got to go striped fishing with her papa. She was a happy girl. It was so chilly and she just was a trooper. 
What's a trip to the houseboat without a little Hot Springs Mexican??:)

I'm always so thankful for a little down time in our lives. It's so important. I hated to see my girls go back to school, but it just made me even more exited for summer break. 

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!

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