Friday, April 11, 2014

A day with A!!

When we were getting hit with snow every other day, little sis got to miss a little more school than the big girl. She was a little bummed but I promised her we would make up for it one day. 

So this week, I told Alyssa she was skipping school and having a day with momma. 
I am not one to let my girls miss school. This was a special occurrence. Testing is over, she hasn't missed, and she has had straight A's. 
It's so important to make her feel special. A little sibling sometimes appears to get more attention due to the fact they are more dependent. 
So, today was all about Alysa Lauren. I loved every second with her!!

We started the day with Manis and Pedis, went to lunch, and did some shopping!

I love this girl so much. She's getting way too grown up, but I see God molding her precious life and I can't wait to see the amazing ways He uses her!

Love you my first born!!

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