Saturday, July 26, 2014

Memory Making.

Last week we headed up to Camp Siloam where our Children were at Kid's Camp. It was so fun to show Alyssa where she will be attending camp next year. 

Since my brother and Kaylie live in Siloam, we made a stop to see their new house and sweet Cora Janes nursery. Oh my heart may explode with love for this child. We adore the parents too!😜
We had lunch at the Wooden Spoon in Gentry. Oh my that place did not disappoint!  So very yum. 
How cute is my sister-n-law??:)😍
After we left camp we surprised the girls and headed to Branson. They had no idea. I had packed for them and loaded the truck and they never had a clue. 
We were about 30 mins outside of Branson when they finally wondered where we were!:). So fun!!
We headed straight for SDC and closed down the park. It was not crowded and the temp was amazing. Has this summer not been the best!!?!?  Such a blessing. 
This little one was up a little earlier then the rest of the crew so she and I made our way to breakfast. 
We then came
Back an woke up sleepy head and served her breakfast in bed!  Now that's the life. 
We had lunch at our favorite spot. Shorty Smalls!  Always yum. Always leave way too full!:)
Oh how I love this man!
Of course, a little bass pro action. Free entertainment!:)

So thankful we were able to get away for a few days. Summer is flying by and we are taking in each moment with these girls. 

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